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Full-Service Video Solutions

• We elevate your brand to attract your target audience, promote action and create authentic conversion.
• We target your problems and create solutions through collaborative strategies.

We all strive to be heard and seen in this busy world. To stand out from the average. The Kings Touch helps brands find their unique voice. We bring your vision to life with creativity, expertise and skill.


Branded Video Content Creation

Attract your next-level client with branded long-form videos for your website. We also repurpose that footage to create engaging and exciting bite-sized, snackable content for all social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook (Meta), YouTube, TikTok and LinkedIn.

Professional Video Editing

We take care of the video editing process so you can focus on what’s important – your brand. Our team of video editors specialize in creating engaging and visually appealing videos, audio sweetening, Lower 3rds, Branded Logo, Zoom call thumbnails, motion graphics and converting Zoom footage into marketable content for your viewers.

We can turn your raw footage into awesome-looking digital content by using your provided footage and make it look like an upscale production. We have a pretty creative editing force so we can handle any kind of video project.

Corporate and Event Video Production

Executive-level video services. At the corporate level your brand has been established and your trust level with your client is priority. The Kings Touch’s level of experience and expertise will accelerate your brand, honor your hard work and keep the momentum going with promotional, testimonial, training and convention/trade show video production services.

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