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Pro video = business results

Let’s just put it out there. When you request quotes (as you should) from a few different vendors, and one comes in significantly lower than the rest, alarm bells should go off in your head. The old adage about getting what you pay for is never more appropriate than with video production. “Stephen” who lives at home with parents may quote you $400 for a “high-quality” video, but you would probably be better off using your iphone. (oh! and yes! we can show you how to do that too!)

As a potential customer, if I think that the quality of video your business is willing to associate itself with is incredibly low, then why would the quality of your product, services or message you want to share be any different?

Professional content marketing videos involve producer time, director time, crew members and post-production. Full insurance coverage is also included in a professional production budget to address any possible liability issues. Amateur Stephen’s lack of experience, lack of professional client engagement, not seeing things from a business prospective and no insurance puts you, him and your “high-quality” video at risk.

In the end, you get what you pay for. If someone is taking the time to watch your video, they just might be interested in your product, service or brand. If they find themselves watching a terrible video, they will be internally confused: Is this a real company? I like the product, but i don’t really get it. What should I do next? Those are the thoughts your viewers will have, when faced with low-quality videos. It’s logical thought, isn’t it? It creates the appearance that you are a business that cuts corners and tries to do things the cheapest way, instead of the right way. Bottom line: Low-quality video can hurt your business!

If your business needs professional video that drives sales, contact The Kings Touch to discuss your project.

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